Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Sorry for the lack of new stuff. New job! Busy busy! Doing a big jamming session soon, preparing to make some cool recipes including homemade ravioli and risotto...yum yum.

Happy pictures for a happy week (a week in Chantel land is apparently Tuesday to Tuesday...)

1. Cats in their window seat.
2. New plates
3. Dinner party set up
4. Pizza with fresh mozzarella
5. Chako finished all the jam!
6. A really cool snail shell I found with Willa, the lovely gal I am babysitting
7. London Broil...happy dinner
8. A special bookmark made  by my dear friend Maggie that has lived in my kitchen for 4 years.
9. Ricotta bruschetta with honey and black pepper, apricot jam, and truffle oil and raspberry balsamic

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