Friday, September 9, 2011

Fall=Jacket Weather + Pumpkin (and other stuff...)

I love Autumn in New York. It's my favorite time of year. Even though it only lasts a few weeks, its the perfect weather, perfect food, perfect sense of excitement! Today was the first day that I walked out of my apartment and had to run back in because it was in fact JACKET WEATHER! Jacket weather for me a special season unto itself. 

I have composed a list of recipes and cooking adventures that I hope to (no, WILL!) accomplish in the next few weeks, while the weather is perfect. You might notice a theme to this list, lots of bacon, and pumpkin. I heart bacon. Chako hearts bacon. We could live on bacon in this household. I am also going through an affair with figs and fig jam...getting hungry just writing about it!!


1. Marlene's Pumpkin Bread. This is the one recipe I remember my mother making every year. I am determined to make it on my own and have it be as good as hers.
2. Pistachio-Honey Rolls Stuffed with Blue Cheese. Is there an explanation needed?
3. Cheese straws! For my holiday parties!
4. Ciabatta Bread. For cheese...and fig jam!

1. Pumpkin Black Bean Soup
2. Butternut Squash & Cider Soup
These sound like comfort in a bowl!

Other Yums
1. Steamed Spinach with Balsamic Butter. A new twist on a constant side in our apartment.
2. Oli's Sweet Potatoes. Oli is my cousin in Puerto Rico and she is the most amazing cook in the WORLD.  Her sweet potatoes are incredible and I look forward to them every year for PR Thanksgiving. This year I'm going to help her cook everything and try and photograph her work for the blog.
3. Oli's Pork. Same as above.
4. Potatoes Gratin. I've never made. I have like seven recipes for gratin, so I am finally going to make one, or maybe all!
5. Gnocchi. Homemade gnocchi. Oh yes.
6. Pumpkin, Sage, Chestnut and Bacon Risotta. Could just be called Fall Risotto.
7. PICKLES! I'm going to pickle! Bread and butter pickles. 
8. Jams! This is my big personal challenge. I want to master the art of jams and candies so that I can make little Jam gifts baskets for everyone for Christmas. The practice starts now!
9. Salted Caramels. Goes with the above gifts.
10. Custards. Any kind. I just want to say I made custard.

So thats my list! I can't promise I won't add other items to the list, or lose one or two, but I do promise lots of fall cooking is approaching! Share your favorite fall foods!


  1. Fall is my favorite. I love everything about it (except for the fact that it comes right before winter)!

  2. @Maris I hear ya! Dreading the snow hitting NY, trying to enjoy the good weather before...