Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sauced Sausage Angel Hair with Ricotta Dollops

I have a problem with the word dollop. It's not that I don't LIKE the word dollop, rather I quite love it. A dollop of cream, a dollop of all sounds wonderful to me. My issue with the word dollop is that I can't seem to understand how much it's supposed to be, and somehow I constantly translate it to mean a giant scoop of something that tastes yummy on top of other things that taste yummy. There is no grace to my dollop, I even sometimes think that I can dollop twice and because it all looks like one blob it still counts as ONE DOLLOP. I have admitted my problem, perhaps I should be more responsible with the dollop, I mean dollops are usually for ingredients that are high in fat (and therefore flavor) and are supposed to be the treat on top, however,  I think I will choose to embrace my problem, and continue believing that if the dollop tastes great, I am going to keep piling it on. Why skimp on something you love like say...homemade ricotta? Yea, you know what I'm saying...

I got home one night last week and decided I want to make a pasta (my all time favorite comfort food), using many of my favorite ingredients. I opted for sweet italian sausage, canned plum tomatoes and homemade ricotta. This recipe was born with a dollop on top.

Gather some ingredients. Isn't my garlic container super cute? Gift from the madre.

Get some cooking inspiration

Remove the sausage from the casings

Cook stuff up

Tomato sauce bath

Cook some lovely angel hair


Pretty..for the moment...

Mix it all together in your bowl and enjoy!

Ultimate Chanty comfort food.

Sauced Sausage Angel Hair with Ricotta Dollops
Serves 4
You'll need...
1 tsp olive oil
6 sweet Italian sausages, casings removed
Half of a large onion, chopped small
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 can of Red Pack plum shaped tomatoes
1 tbsp dried sweet basil
1 tsp Adobo (or salt and pepper)
Hot pepper flakes to taste
Fresh ricotta cheese, about 1 tbsp per serving...or your version of a dollop...mine was bigger then that...
1/2 pound angel hair pasta

In a large saucepan, heat the oil and add the sausage. Cook for several minutes then add the onion and garlic. Continue cooking until the meat is cooked through and the garlic and onion are fragrant. Add the tomatos, 1/4 of the tomato can of water, and season with the basil, adobo and hot pepper. Bring to a strong boil. Allow the sauce to sit at a strong boil for 2 minutes then reduce the heat to nice simmer. Once simmering, break the whole tomatoes up using a fork so they become large chunks. Cook your pasta. Allow the sauce to simmer for at least a half an hour. After draining the pasta, return to the hot pot and wet with some of the sauce. Serve the pasta with sauce on top and a dollop of fresh ricotta. Mix all together to eat!


  1. I never gave consideration to the word dollop but now you have me thinking. I think the measure is probably inversely proportional to how healthy the item being dolloped is. So the less healthy the bigger the dollop.
    This look like a very nice dish with just the right ollop