Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fig Infused Gin (and a yummy cocktail)

I love infusions. They seem to fancy and thoughtful and make cocktails just a little bit more special.

And they are so stupid easy.

Literally. No effort. Put some stuff in a jar. Shake. Leave. Magic happens. A quick daily shake. More Magic.

Considering I made a piece of toast today and it set on fire in the toaster, I am pretty proud of my infusion, and happy with how easy it was to create. 

Yea I did that, flames from a toaster oven. FLAMES PEOPLE!!! Luckily, I'm a fire guard. That's the equivalent of a super hero. 

Have a drink!

 Main characters...

Chop the figs up.

Stick them in a pretty jar.

A good friend!

All together now! A shake or two...

About a week later...

Strain into a cool bottle! Yay!

This gin can definitely be enjoyed by itself, on the rocks, but it is super strong and big bitter. I like it best with some mint and fresh lemon juice. So tasty and refreshing! (If you don't have mint, no worries! I didn't the first night, just fresh lemon juice with the slices thrown in works splendidly!)

Fig Infused Gin

You'll Need...

10 figs, cut into quarters
8oz gin
1 jar with air tight lid

Put your figs and booze into the jar. Screw the lid on. Gently shake the jar a few times. Put in a cool spot and let sit for about a week. Every day gently give it one shake. At the end of the week, strain the gin into a bottle through a funnel lined with a layer of cheesecloth to catch all the small pieces of fig.

Feel fancy? Serve these cocktails to your friends and throw around the word infusion. Sweeet.


  1. I love infusions! Recently did vodka, orange and coffee! FIgs and jin sounds lovely! Will give it a try! :)

  2. @Baker Street

    Oh that sounds awesome! I'm going to have to try, thanks for the tip!