Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bits + Pieces

A lovely weekend full of the zoo, family and LOTS of thrifting!

1. The sea lion habitat, The Prospect Park Zoo
2. Monkeys, The Prospect Park Zoo
3. My beautiful cousin, Gabriella
4. Gabriella and baby brother, Stefano
5. My very first Battenburg Cake!
6. New storage boxes, thrifted
7. Cookbooks, finally they have a place to live
8. Gold & black serving platter, thrifted
9. Crystal wine glasses, thrifted (I also got the matching champagnes glasses!! $1 each!)
10. Small crystal dish, thrifted
11. Spices in their new home
12. Precious sugar bowl, anthropologie
13. Awesome 70s green tumblers, thrifted
14. Rice pot! Thrifted
15. Amazing art by Miss Willa
16. Small pot, thrifted

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