Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sausage, Kale & Mushroom Risotto

There are lots of things I love. Three of them are sausage, kale and mushrooms. I also love rice. Also, fancy words, like Arborio.

Do you love these things? 

Here's my challenge to you. Pick things you love. Throw them in a pan. Whisk whisk whisk. Enjoy. Then tell me about it please.

That's kind of what this risotto recipe was for me. I read the original recipe and it called for spinach, also a loved thing. I've made the spinach version, is bangin' (yea I said it), but this time when I went to make it I had kale. 


The slight crunch of kale really took this creamy dish over the edge. Things I love in a pan. Cream, crunch, yum.

This is getting ramble-y. That's kind of what happens after Chako and I eat an entire pan of risotto. Rambling happens.

If you want to make my things I love in a pan, here's how!



Mushrooms get sautéed...a lot, seriously don't rush them.

More things go into the pan, the arborio toasts a bit first without liquid.

Then you start the long process of adding liquid, a little bit at a time until it absorbs.

Once all the liquid FINALLY absorbs, and your arm is killing you from stirring non-stop, you get to add the color!

Now, there is cheese in the risotto...but more cheese must be on top. Obviously.
 Enjoy :-) You will.

Sausage, Kale & Mushroom Risotto
Adapted from The Mom Chef

You'll Need...
3 cups of chicken broth
1 cup of water 
1 tbsp olive oil
1 8oz package of Baby Portobello Mushrooms, thin sliced
3 links of sweet Italian sausage, casings removed
1/2 cup of chopped shallots
3 cloves of garlic
1 cup uncooked arborio rice
1/2 cup of dry white wine
Handful of kale leaves, roughly ripped
1/3 cup of grated parmesan plus extra for garnish

In a small pot, heat the broth and water, you don't want it to quite hit a boil. When it hits that almost boiling point, turn the heat down and just keep it warm while you do the rest of the cooking.

In a large saucepan, heat your oil and sauté your mushrooms until they are browned. Sprinkle with salt as they are cooking. When they are cooked through, remove from the pan and put aside.

Add the sausage and cook until browned and crumbling, then add the shallots and garlic. Cook altogether for about three minutes, stirring constantly. Add the arborio, stir it in and let it toast a bit, about one minute. Add the wine and stir, scraping the bottom of the pan, loosening up browned bits.

Now the tedious's worth it.

Stir in one cup of the broth mixture and stir constantly until the liquid is absorbed. Add the rest of the broth, just 1/2 cup at a time, constantly stirring until absorbed before adding more. This will take about a half an hour. Once you finish this (yay!), remove the pan from heat.

Add the mushrooms, kale and parmesan and stir until the kale begins to wilt. Serve with additional cheese on top.


  1. This is a great recipe! I adapted slightly (very slightly, as it it's quite good as written), and will post my take later this week. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Super delicious!! I added a bit of red pepper flakes as I like the spice and find it accents Kale and sausage well. Super easy to follow recipe. Will definitely make this again. Thanks

  3. I made this tonight, and it was fantastic! I used veggie stuff-no meat for us. But it was fantastic! I used a meat substitute from Trader Joes, but other than that, made as written. Fantastic!