Friday, May 18, 2012

Unpacking and Being Healthy

I put too much stuff in my juice to make it all fit on the picture! So...JUICE!!

We made it to Michigan. We are getting pretty settled. It was pretty intense for me at first, and I don't think I let myself be prepared for it. Especially because we are staying with Chaco's parents for the first few weeks (who are the most kind and generous and welcoming people ever), and because I don't have any sort of job or work lined up and because I need a car...I just felt like I was on vacation. Then when I realized I wasn't on vacation I would freak out. I need a job! I need a car! I've been a little bonkers.

Then yesterday I had a little job interview for a part time gig, and I took the car for several hours and found my way around on my own. Something about this little act of getting lost then finding my way, and running errands without Chaco just made me feel like myself again. I think I just needed to feel like an independent lady for a minute. I've lived in New York for years, for a lot of it on my own and I just didn't really know how to react to the change, and to moving with someone.

I'm very happy to be here. The pace is different, I feel suddenly more relaxed and I'm getting creative ideas that I want to work on on my own, new things I want to try. You'll see and hear more about those soon...

Also, since we arrive here, we are taking steps to be more healthy and lose a bunch of winter weight we gained while being all lazy and in love in the city! Seriously, it needs to happen. For my birthday I got a JUICER! Then we went produce crazy at all the GIANT HUMUNGO grocery stores here, and we are juicing crazy.

That's what went into today's juice. Carrot, cucumber, bok choy, grapefruit, green apple and ginger. This one is not as elegantly curated as other, but it was very tasty and packed full of healthy stuff.

I am getting addicted so you can look forward to more posts with fun juice combos and recipes. I've been getting a lot of ideas from Shutterbean, as she is a master juicer!

Enjoy, have a great day, be healthy, and RELAX! It's Friday!

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