Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tiny Event in a Tiny Apartment

We love having parties. LOVE. I love cooking a huge meal, and putting out pretty candles, and using all my super sweet serving platters (I have a ridiculous amount). We love drinking bottles of wine and eating cheese and pasta with our lovely friends, catching up and eventually falling asleep and waking up to leftovers. It's all good.

As you might have guessed, our apartment is miniscule. The Tiniest Kitchen is a part of the Tiniest Home. At least tiny for two people, two cats and a dog. I thought I'd share our home ready for a party...

The Tiniest Living Room (that's the whole thing)

 Other half to the house (check out our family portrait!)

 A glance into the Tiniest Kitchen...again that's the whole thing! Notice my mad stacking skills....

 Many people in a small space.

 Lots of stuff can come from a tiny space!

It's small but it's cozy...and home! :-)

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