Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Cake for Chloe!

I made a cake. We had a party. It was a surprise!

She was surprised.

Happy Birthday Chlodita Kernandez and congratulations on being a super yoga genius and finishing the course! 

What did we discover? Throwing a surprise party is stressful, but totally worth it. I also discovered that a cake doesn't look very pretty when it starts traveling from East Harlem to Brooklyn at 7am, and travels to three different locations before landing at the party at 10pm. It takes a beating. 

Then Chloe did this...

And this...

Totally worth it.

I made this cake as a part of my new resolution (I'm a bit early) to make a new and pretty cake every week. At least one. Maybe two if the opportunity arises...I'm determined to learn how to make pretty cakes. This recipe is from Joy The Baker.  Check out the original recipe HERE. Her's is a lot prettier. Obviously. I'll get there.

I made only one change to this recipe, using almond extract rather then vanilla, I'm obsessed with almond extract. The rosewater frosting is addictive. 

Cake with blueberries...

Covered it with frosting job wasn't as nice as Joy's so I went for the full coverage design...

A delicious slice, soaked with berries!

Throw surprise parties! The guest of honor will probably do this...


P.S. It's been super quiet here at the Tiniest Kitchen. There are two reasons for that..

This beautiful show night-song I produced for Te Ilum.

2. My Christmas present from Chako! The newest addition to our household...

Beaker! The mutt puppy!


  1. Making layer cakes is something that I have not done much of because they do take some time and talent. Like you I have to get there. Happy birthday to Chloe-I am sure your cake made it a little more special for her. By the looks of the pictures-she really looks like she had a lot of fun. Also your new pup is very cute!

  2. Love this Happy Birthday Cake for Chloe! Hey I also need some star wars themed party décor and food ideas. I am looking for the free printable for my youngest 4th birthday bash that we are planning to host at one of the local kids’ party Los Angeles venues. I wonder if you can help regarding it.