Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A fresh start

Chaco and I are hitting the road. Leaving New York. Hopefully to a bigger kitchen.

I have absolutely loved writing this blog, it really helped me in many ways. Helped me learn to do something for me, just for me. Cooking, writing, taking pictures...being creative without a deadline. Selfish creativity. I'm totally in love.

With this move I have decided to broaden the scope of my personal writing and sharing, I started a new blog, that will feature lots of cooking, art, photography, stories and updates about my transition from New York to another part of the country. It will be wild, and well documented.

This blog will stay up for awhile, so access to the index will be available, and there is an archive on my new blog that links back to all the recipes here as well.

I hope you will join me and follow the new blog, I love sharing with all of you and hope it can continue!

Also, check out my new store! It's an Etsy store dedicated to beautiful and unique vintage finds. Check it out. Buy a dress...or some leather pants. It's sweet. Displaced Vintage on Etsy.

With all my love,

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